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Rough Sketch
$15 for a single char

$60 for two chars interacting

+$100 for bg

$5 per headshot

+$10 for guns

+$15 for robots


may or may not include simple shading depending on the needs of the image

Rough Colored Sketch
$40 for a single char

$120 for two chars interacting

+$200 for bg
$15 per headshot

+$15 for guns
+$30 for robots


may or may not include simple shading depending on the needs of the image

Refined Colored Sketch
$60 for a single char

$200 for two chars interacting

+$300 for background

$30 per headshot

+$50 for guns
+$100 for robots





Use the adjacent guide to draft an email. (below on mobile and to the right on desktop) I'll look at what you want and decide if it's something I'm willing to do. I'll send you an invoice to the email you provide, and you'll pay. I'll do the work, send it to you, and then you can ask for a round of changes. If I'm not sure about something, I'll ask. Sometimes I'll send WIPS if I'm taking a long time, or if I need to check if something is correct. 

Payment is up front. No installments. 


Do not commission me if you are not willing to wait. 

I am open to all kinks except vore, vomit, shit, and other filth related kinks, and also anything that might be a pain in the ass to draw. Exceptions are made for friends. 

Feel free to make use of my commissions discord server as a way to contact me. I am not going to accept friend requests on discord. Also, do not use my dms to try to socialize with me. If you cross this boundary I will not do business with you. You can join that server by clicking this button (may not work with firefox)












I retain all rights to the images I draw for you, not the character. You have the right to distribute, edit, alter, and manipulate the image for personal use only. You may not use the image for profit, for advertising a business, promoting a marketing campaign, promoting a social media presence, promoting a youtube presence, promoting products, or for use in any profit making capacity without my express written permission. Additional fees are charged for commercial license of images. 

other services I can offer


I will design you a character according to written instructions for a minimum of $200. I will not design a character with no input from you. 

for your money you will get a standalone polished front 3/4 front view, with flat and lines for 3/4 back view. may include clothed/unclothed versions and expression shots as needed. This process will involve a back and forth discussion and. 

I can sell you a character I have already made for above $1,000 unless it is a character that I have specifically made to sell at a lower price such as an adopt. 

If you want a comic from me, my guesstimate rate is $400 a page for a full color and maybe even for b/w, I dunno, you'll have to talk to me and fill me in on details. You must provide a script and if the script sucks it's double the price or a hard no. 

Any other unusual service is going to be expensive for you and you are also going to have to tolerate long waits and perfectionism from me. 


Pro Bono collaboration with expecation of profit share is a thing I will consider doing, but you have to be informed I suck at delivering my share of work on time and perfectionism will often paralyze me, so like, sure, but also, I am the worst person on earth to work with. If that doesn't deter you just let me know what you have in mind. 




Use this as a guide/template. 


the email address is [email protected]


your preferred handle, and nothing else. Please!!!

Your name

A social media url/name to credit (use exact and correct spelling please)


Your payment email 

Your contact email


Commission tier (pick one of the following)
rough sketch

rough colored sketch
refined colored sketch


Number of character(s)

Their name(s)


At least one full body ref is required. The more the better. I will also not design things for you. You must provide reference for all accessories, clothing, furniture, weapons, armor, etc. 

Art direction.

If you give me full freedom, you get a generic standing pose. 
Being specific is better. I will draw what is possible and sensible. 

You are permitted (encouraged, even) to be as long winded and as detailed as you like about your oc's demeanor and backstory (often necessary info) however I will personally end your life if you do not organize the information so that it is easy to understand at a glance what I am being asked to draw. 

If you are uncertain about how to state/organize the information, the following guide may be of service:

  1. pose (best to use a ref image)

  2. description of any interaction (best to use a ref image)

  3. attitude/demeanor/expression

  4. clothing(usually handled with reference)

  5. misc details about appearance not handled by ref

  6. background description if applicable (reference also necessary here)

  7. the character's backstory(optional) 

A statement of your agreement to the terms of service