A big disorganized ramble about gallery sites I guess?

Here's why I think gallery sites are pretty much dead.

places like twitter and tumblr, in my uneducated opinion, are the gravitational centerpoints for online activity. Sites like FA, DA, HF, Weasyl, etc are all mainly galleries for artists, which makes them a niche utility for all users. I generally have to make the choice to go and visit these places in order to discover their content. These days, I can get all my content in like, 3 places: twitter, tumblr, and youtube. (other people will use reddit or 4chan or even facebook). This is because these are essentially content aggregators which feed you basically everything you want in one place. Art, news, shitposts, animal vids, dumb memes, and discourse. You can technically get these on a social art platform, but these platforms were not designed to hook you into an inescapable addiction like the other aforementioned sites. These are primarily used to showcase artists on a front page, and hopefully entice you to browse these galleries while also displaying advertisements.

Aforementioned sites also do this, but they are much more addictive and much more general and varied in their mediums.

For me, tumblr was a central hub, my first stop. It was how I interfaced with an audience, and it was also a way I was fed certain amounts of news, unsourced inspiration, porn, music, videos, and discourse. I didn't really need to go anywhere else (other than youtube or twitter) to get my social media fix. Gallery sites don't meet this need. Gallery sites require people to go to a lot of comparative effort in order to stumble on you. On DA, you either get generally the same popular artists every month if you sort for popularity. sorting for newest can get you interesting results, but there's also an overwhelming deluge of content that just isn't that great.

Tumblr was so much more likely to feed me new and good shit from people I never heard of, and I didn't need to do much other than follow a few well known shitpost aggregators.

Gallery sites just aren't central content hubs. They're archives to link to from your primary social platform. The simple fact is, on twitter, I get bigger numbers, and honestly this is probably the main driving factor behind my dissatisfaction with other sites. I don't get the same validation high. And I feel that the way these sites are structured, that's always going to be the case. On twitter, my social interaction feels much more real time. Also, It's impossible to actually choose between gallery sites. They all have such a high fucking inertia when it comes to getting interaction and getting discovered it seems. This means we end up trying to post work to all of them. Which means you end up only posting the occasional piece you worked really hard on in order to get it noticed. Which means your post irregularity makes your discoverability suffer. This process is time consuming and sometimes discouraging.

And I say all of this because of all the people who are trying to tell me they won't set foot on twitter under any circumstance. For what reason, I can't tell. My experience on twitter after making similar adjustments to those I make on tumblr such as blocking ads, being mindful of what click like on, and being mindful of who I follow. My point is, centralized social media content aggregators are always going to be better for an artist to gain recognition and get their work in front of the highest number of potential clients for the sole reason that twitter is fucking huge. Gallery sites serve a purpose, but they will absolutely never ever be a replacement for tumblr, despite its flaws.

rest in fuckin pieces I guess, I dunno. I genuinely lost what I think is an irreplaceable platform on which to post my art. Seven years of gaining a following just down the fucking drain.

anyways here’s some drawpile doodles from yesterday